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ഹോം പേജ് / വിദ്യാഭ്യാസം / What are the career opportunities or scope in Mass Com & Journalism?
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What are the career opportunities or scope in Mass Com & Journalism?

Mass communication is considered as an art which require capability and special ability to present an individual’s opinion in an effective way. It intended to provide precise information to the broad audience or viewers at local, national or international levels

There are more and more users of the Internet in the county which have pushed the entire work of advertising. At present, there are plenty of jobs in the mass media and journalism circulating all over the Internet. The Career in Mass Media and Journalism are highly paid once. A professional who is well qualified can choose the job according to his satisfaction. He can take a job, educating, informing, interpreting & guiding, persuading. If you are a news reporter, photojournalist, editor, feature writer, etc. And the print media offers you a great opportunity to become a Cameraman, News Reader, Producer, Scripter, Program Host, Editor and so on.

Have a career in mass communication and journalism . Mass communication in post-graduation or post-graduation. You can also go for a doctorate degree in mass com to get research-based jobs.



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